Christmas Time

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During Christmas time - especially the Advent season - you should ask yourself if a short trip is sufficient to absorb all the impressions you are collecting, or if you should plan to do a longer stay.

At the outdoor museum in Kommern, a harmonical ceremony called "Advent fur alle Sinne - Advent for all senses" is taking place each year on the first Advent; the artificial lake "Rursee" is shining brightly until a few days prior to Christmas Eve and on castle "Satzvey" on all four Advent Sundays a medieval Christmas market is presented.

Maastricht - a marvellous city anyway throughout the entire year, becomes even more intense during this special period and in Cologne an almost endless number of Christmas markets are arranged; everybody will find something that fits to his or her taste.


If - in contrast to the recommendation - you just want to go for a short trip, make sure you have at least the three following points on your agenda:


Fluweelengrot in Valkenburg

We are talking about a vein tract made of sandstone, which was built in the 12th century.

Between mid of November until the end of December, the Cristmas market is embedded within the cave and together with its mural paintings, the old sculptures as well as the chapel, a very fascinating & impressive overall picture is created.


Christmas market in Aachen

The arrangement of the Christmas market in Aachen is the special thing about this location, as it is set-up starlike around the cathedral.

A real own atmosphere is delivered and due to this amazing flair, the city of Aachen has already been awarded to provide one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in entire Europe - no surpise that it is very popular to go there.


Castle Merode

The privately owned moated castle in a small village named Langerwehe, located only a few minutes away from the hotel, creates its own yearly highlight by providing the most romantic Christmas market - as it has been officially honored several times - in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia.

It is operated until a few days prior to Christmas Eve each Wednesday to Sunday. and if you are tired of walking, just go for a carriage ride across the scene....

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