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Easy to find, generous parking facilities, different room categories agelessly styled, regional and seasonal food, meeting & event areas, close to the "RurUfer" bike-trail and much more.

Location and surroundings

Duren is located in the western corner of Germany close to the Netherlands and Belgium, centrally between Cologne and Aachen. The fertile „Jülicher Börde“ is situated northwards and in the South you can find the famous recreation area “Eifel” - a realy long list of sights and destinations....

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Actual Events and Fairs

It is quiet a short season for carnival fans as it is already ending on February, the 14th 2024. So better take what you can get: either at "die Hölle von Vettweiß" on one of the various sessions, the "ultimate carnival party" at the Arena Kreis Duren or by joining one of the processions in the region with the local highlight on the so called "Tulpensonntag" in the city of Duren.

Straight after carnival it is going to get really sporty and Duren is hosting Europe's 8 strongest teams of the season at the age of 14 and below in order to play the finals of the "Tennis Europe Winter Cup 2024". This event is taking place at the tennis halls Rurbenden and it is really a "must see" for tennis fans, having a look at the future professionals.....

Actual Hotel Information

In terms of Sustainability we keep going and went live with our wallbox, where we can charge up to two electrical vehicles at the same time. Of course exclusively for our hotel guests!


In addition we increased the security levels and installed a camera system to monitor the entire parking area.


In-house we have just built a public restroom, which is gender neutral, offers enough space for wheelchairs and provides a changing table for babies.

  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Straight booking confirmation
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